coffee and iPhone

here's another mouth-watering item to go with your coffee -- an iPhone cookie!

nope, i kid you not.

on a cool rainy day, a nicely baked cookie is always a welcome sight, but when they look as good as this one -- a great idea that sprung from a Japanese country bakehouse -- your first instinct is to look at it and exclaim over its details, followed by a quite-understandable resolve to keep the cookie instead. surely, such a yummy-looking creation was made to be displayed and not eaten!

ms. kumiko kudo, the owner of Green Gables (Japan), started baking and selling iPhonecookies in 2008. apparently, the making of these meticulously crafted cookies (each sells for 2730 yen, or roughly $33) is rather time-consuming -- she can only make 20 pieces a day. this should explain why the waiting list for this hot-selling yummy item (online orders only) could be as long two months!

oh man. now, i really want one.

RATING: 5 cups

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