Gwyneth Paltow on Elle (September)

For its September 2011 edition, Elle magazine is featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, a perennial favorite among designers and fashion editors. although she doesn't always photograph well, i must say Gwyneth Paltrow looks quite good in these series of images, taken by well-known photographer Carter Smith.

here, the photographer opts for a laid-back and natural shot. the black-and-white presentation emphasizes Gwyneth Paltrow's relaxed air.
...effortlessly evoking classic Hollywood allure and glamour with stylish pumps, sleek black dress and a great pair of legs.

poised and pensive gwynnie... the harshly lit background provides a nice backdrop to give her a soft, wistful air.

all in all, this is a nice blend of deft camera work, a great photographer and a good subject. nice work, Elle. definitely worth a grande-sized soy strawberry frappuccino on a hot, lazy afternoon.

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