coffee ads and celebrities

here are several coffee advertisements featuring several hollywood names -- george clooney, arnold schwarzenegger,and david lynch. these commercial spots aren't quite new, but i get a kick out of watching these stars hawking various coffee products in their own inimitable style.

cool and suave, much like the guy himself. oh, and funny, too.

ah-nold in fine form. he gulps 'em down like there's no tomorrow. 'atta boy!

david lynch lays it on rather thick, but he does his pitch well.

tom & giselle

one of my favorite couples (and two of the world's most famous and good looking celebrities) -- finally engaged!

after a passel of questions -- "are they or aren't they?", "was that a stunt?", "what the heck was that all about?" -- football star tom brady and supermodel giselle bundschen have made things official: the games are over and they are intending to marry. when? that's for us to find out. in the meantime, let us enjoy these pictures.

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