here are 10 dining places that, according to New York Times, are worth spending your hard-earned $$ on this year (2011).

nope, we're not just talking about the tab (although i'm willing to bet half of my annual salary that it would be quite hefty, too). you also have to factor in travel expenses (fare, accommodations, etc.), because these restaurants are located in various parts of the globe.

1. Aponiente
El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a, Spain

2. Benu
San Francisco, CA (USA)

3. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
London, UK

4. M. Wells
Long Island City, NY (USA)

5. Mirazur
Menton, France

6. Mamofuku
Sydney, AUstralia

7. Restaurant Andre

8. Restaurante Garzon
Garzon, Uruguay

9. Tickets
Barcelona, Spain

10. Willows Inn
Lummi Island, WA (USA)

hmmm... this makes for a nice screen cap but frankly, for most of us these establishments will remain as interesting items on a vaunted list -- like exotic species to be gawked at but unlikely to be savored.

but for those with deep-lined pockets, bon appetit!

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