new year's eve musing

yesterday, while i was doing my year-end mall inspection, i stumbled into a familiar sight that warmed the cockles of my heart.

it seems like a nice portent as i begin to wonder if 2011 will be a better year (i have vague hopes that it will be). of course, Krispy Kreme's theme doesn't exactly match my header -- but hey who's quibbling, right?

it's pretty much the same point. and with so many coffee chains springing out of the woodwork these days, i guess you gotta go with something that many people can easily relate to.

and since it's the holidays, it feels right to feature some holiday donuts from Krispy Kreme (note: i'm sticking with the US spelling for consistency). these days, of course, i have to keep a tight watch on my sugar intake but these yummy goodies really hit the spot.

it looks like we're all set for the new year (no major mishap yet, thank heavens for small mercies). so HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

*raises a mug of celebratory latte*

meanwhile, i'm back to tinkering my new Kindle (3G/Wi-Fi). it handily beats down twiddling your thumbs when you've got time to waste.

coffee and croissants

today was one of those days -- i just had to have coffee and croissants.

normally, i'd go for donuts or maybe a blueberry muffin, but since i'd been ingesting too much sugar lately i decided to even things out a bit by going for croissants instead.

and it was great -- the smell of coffee and the yummy croissant was a perfect backdrop to start a cool rainy day.

RATING: 3.5 cups

before 2010 winds down...

wow. i can't believe it's been more than a year since i last dropped in here.

i have no excuse. chuck it up to a combination of blogging burnout (would you believe i have about 5 other blogs, of which i could only manage to update two regularly?) and preoccupation over other areas of my life.
anyway, let's get over that and move on to other things.

first off, here's gwyneth paltrow stamping her indelible presence in Glee (Fox TV) with her hilarious portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln.

i'm no Gleek though. in fact, the episode that guest-starred Gwyneth Paltrow ("The Substitute") is the ONLY Glee i have ever watched. i'm not even sure if i would want to sit through another hour of Glee -- although i just might when ms. paltrow returns to reprise her role as the wonderfully zany Holly Holiday in 2011.

hopefully, when that happens we'll get another glimpse of Mary Todd Lincoln when that happens.

okay, ciao for now.

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