trendy dining in various locales

so, what makes dining trendy? is it the upscale, exclusive location? the foreign sounding (and occasionally unpronounceable) name? the stylish decor and menu? the clientele? the highly credentialed chef and/or snooty staff? or that extra star rating? you tell me.

if trendy dining means i'll have to stir my drink with a weird-looking contraption (which looks like a safety pin?), er you can count me out [String, Sodermalm, Sweden]

whatever makes the case for you, sometimes trendy dining can be a way to prop up one's self-esteem. the thought of dining in the company of colleagues, friends or family while watching the rest of the world go about its business is a like a declaration that we belong -- like an extension of our identity as part of a group, company, or a family.

occasionally, dining out can be a much-welcomed break in our daily routine -- a sort of necessary reminder that we are still part of the human race. this is best exemplified when you're in a sidewalk restaurant. sometimes the absence of wall can make a huge difference in how we view or eat our meal.

watching the world go by while sipping your coffee/reading a newspaper is a nice way to spend those precious moments when you're not in a hurry to be somewhere else [Zante, Zakynthos, Greece]

other times, the idea of dressing up to dine in some fancy restaurant/bistro can be daunting prospect especially when you're feeling a wee bit leery of company, and not up to making small talk or churning out witty repartee (to appear more interesting).

sometimes being in the right company is all it takes to turn your dinner/lunch into a great experience [Java, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa]

for some, it can be a way to show off how far they have advanced in the scheme of things or to impress certain people (clients or dates). and yet for most of us, dining out in the right company and under the best circumstances can be oddly comforting, so we generally go to places that make us feel at home.

inside, looking out... occasionally, a quaint setting does the trick admirably well [Beijing cafe, Beijing, China]

bon appetit

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