got this in my email

i signed up over at goop (gwyneth paltrow's website) a few days ago, just to see what would come out of it and today i got this in my email.

great ensemble, this.

hmm... gwynnie definitely has a way with clothes. she makes simple clothes look "interesting" simply by wearing them. i know a lot of her detractors are always more than ready with their negative comments (regardless of what she says or does, the knives are always sharpened for quick response), but you have to admit they can't help but take note of her dress, her shoes, her accessories, her movies, her kids, her activities, etc.

incidentally, i like goop's spare, understated pastel layout. it doesn't sport much in the way of flashy designs or bold arresting colors (some have described it as rather bland), but i like it nonetheless.

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